Keon, has already been described as one of the most exciting new artists of 2018, with many believing this new Independent artist will be snapped up by one of the big labels. Keon Gibson, from Northwest Indiana was a featured drummer in a series of drum sheds called “Mega Drum Shed”, racking up millions of views, and now it’s his turn to shine with his voice.

The 22-year- old singer songwriter takes on a tenacious spirit in his pursuit of entering the music industry. Growing up listening to a variety of genres, Keon approach is to combine contemporary pop/vocal styles among other elements of gospel, jazz, Rap, and soul. Keon began to get inspired by artists such as Khalid, Johnathan McReynolds and Chance the Rapper. He noticed how each artist had a unique style in their genre and how applying their own creativity spoke various languages of music. This is where Keon decided to start recording songs in hopes to add onto the language of music and eventually become a main stream artist.

Keon explained: “I’m currently 22 years old; myself, along with my peers are preparing to change the face of the future. We are driven by music, pursuing a new sound and stepping away from what promotes negativity.” The singer along with his producer Larry Jones (Uncle Larry) of MirralexMusic wants his music to inspire people, and give people a positive message.